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What our students say:





I had been through instructor after instructor before trying to learn with nick. I couldn’t sing his praises loudly enough if I tried!!! I was incredibly nervous to start driving but wanted desperately to be able to do it.
learning to drive with nick was done completely on my own terms; each lesson we started with what I felt comfortable enough to do- but by the end of each lesson I was able to go away having achieved something new. He teaches with constant gentle encouragements but stands with a firm voice of reason when I’m adamant “I CAN’T do it”. at no point did I ever feel out of control or unsafe, like I very much feared I would.
Thanks to nick I was able to pass my driving test (which felt a miracle in itself) first time!! I also learnt how to drive in REAL life, how to handle tricky situations, and how to prevent my nerves from turning a small mistake into a big problem.
All driving lessons will cost lots of money, but nick’s professionalism and temperament makes the money side of things unimportant. I learned to enjoy driving!!!! and I will thoroughly miss spending a few hours a week having a laugh with nick. (even though he was technically paid to laugh🤪)



"I joined nicks driving school after almost 7 months of driving a manual car. Driving the manual didn't click with me and I decided automatic would be a better route. After months of trying to get to grips with the gears, I knew booking a test was no were in sight. I joined nick and within a couple lesson I booked my test! Nick is a brilliant driving instructor, who made me laugh, understood when I was starting to get nervous on the road and most of all picked my confidence in driving back up. Having 2-hour lessons at a time made a massive difference and helps to give you more experience on the road to turn you into a driver! His car is lovely to drive and great for learners as it is very well equipped and has all funky features! I very much enjoyed my lessons and cannot thank him enough. Not only did he give me the confidence to book my test, I also passed first time! I highly recommend his driving school! Thank you."


I never, ever thought I would be a driver. 

A bad experience a few years ago left me resigned to the fact it just wouldn’t happen for me. And then I found Nick.

Within the first 5 minutes of my first lesson, Nick made me realise that actually I could be a driver and was from then by my side supporting me every step of the way.

Despite several personal obstacles, Nick never stopped believing in me and I am absolutely delighted to say I passed my driving test first time !

The confidence Nick has given me is incredible. Driving by myself for the first time after my test was nerve-wracking, but I hear Nick’s voice in my head and finally believe in myself. The independence I have now is priceless and that is all down to Nick.

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, but THANK YOU !



I am so pleased that I Chose to learn to drive with Nick. Every week I looked forward to the lesson as they were always fun and I felt like I learnt a lot from them. Nick always made me feel confident and was very supportive if I made a mistake. Thanks to all the helpful tips that Nick gave me I passed my test first time ! I would highly recommend learning from him. Thank you so much again for everything, i’m still buzzing from how yesterday went.


I can’t thank you enough for all the effort and patience you put in during my driving lessons.

You have given me the skills I needed not just to pass my test but to be a safe driver.

Even on the days when I really felt like giving up Nick reassured me that I could do it and gave me the confidence I never had. Nick really is an experienced driving instructor who will ensure the lessons are tailored to your individual needs.

Thanks Nick



I can't recommend Nick enough as a driving instructor. After having problems with my initial driving instructor, Nick really helped me with my confidence and technique. I should have used him the first time. I just wanna thank you so much for helping me with my driving!!! 


Honestly, thank you so much for helping me get through my driving test ! 

After being with other instructors and failing my test 5 times already it was brilliant to meet you and take my test for the first time with you as my instructor and finally pass !!! Unbelievably happy. Thank you again.


I can’t believe I passed first time! I had been learning to drive for almost two years before I meet Nick. I am so annoyed I hadn’t been driving with him from the beginning. Nick is a great Instructor, very informative and willing to teach at a pace that suits you. Great with timetabling lessons and very flexible with adjusting time of lessons if need be. I would definitely recommend Nick and Open Road Driving Tuition! Fab experience all round !



Nick is such a friendly guy. He teaches driving in a way that’s easy and super fun!  After swapping Driving Instructors a few times I finally found the one for me. As a result I passed with only 2 minors! Thanks Nick 


I Passed ! Thank you so much for all your help Nick


I Passed my Test. Thank you so much for everything and all your help! Your awesome!


Failing my driving test four times made me feel frustrated with no hope to succeed... Luckily, after searching the internet, I came across the Open Road website and contacted Nick.  And what a life-changing experience it was!  Nick sensed my needs straightaway and made complicated things easy to understand.  He is always in a good mood, calm and friendly.  He helped me to increase safe driving skills and gain confidence on the roads.  I had ten lessons with Nick and passed my test.  More than that, now I feel in control and enjoy driving.  And all this has happened just within a month.  I wouldn't be able to achieve it without you, Nick.  Thank you very much.  


Nick is brilliant! Makes you feel calm, confident and teaches you how you should drive for the rest of your life, not just to pass the test. I cannot recommend him highly enough. And he is a lovely person too which is a bonus ! 


'I can't recommend nick enough, I came to driving late on and have had a number of instructors. Nick's passion for teaching got me through my driving hurdles and ready for my test in no time at all, passing first time! If it wasn't for Nick's teaching clear and client-centred approach, I'm not sure I'd have passed as soon as I did. '


I PASSED! ! ! Only 3 minors ! Thank you Nick so much !


I've always hated the thought of driving, and was quite happy to never drive again after failing my first test when I was 18.  Due to a work opportunity I needed to get a licence, and decided I had to give it another go.  I used to dread every lesson leading up to it, then during them I just wanted to give up, and get out of the car.  Nick saw this, and he was always supportive, understanding and helped me get through over this.  I passed on my second attempt even though I thought I had failed, and wouldn't have been able to do it without Nicks help.  I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who is worried or scared about driving.  


Imagine a person who is scared to death to drive, even though is very determined to conquer her fear and learn to drive, after few lessons with different instructors her hope was smaller and smaller... Yes that was me few months back untilI had lessons with Nick. I knew I'm in good hands. He had everything what I needed, patience and very nice and approachable way of teaching. He gave me confidence and believe in me more than I believe myself. I can't thank him enough!!! I pass confidently on my second attempt and cannot wait to hit the roads. Thank you Nick !!! 


Nick I PASSED!!!!!!!!   Thank you so much for everything - I am so happy.


I had failed my driving test a few times when Nick was recommended to me. It is fair to say he completely changed the way I approached my driving. Very soon I was seeing myself as a driver rather than a learner! This made all the difference and under Nick's tutelage I successfully passed my driving test. My son is now learning with him too and I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and Open Road Driving Tuition to others.


I was very nervous when i started learning to drive but Nick put me at ease right from the start.  He was always positive and believed in my ability even when i doubted myself.  I can't thank Nick enough for all his support and encouragement. I'm so pleased to say i passed first time, it really is going to change my life for the better.  Thank you.


What an amazing teacher and a lovely man Nick is! I had had my confidence knocked by three instructors before I found Nick. In just a few weeks, I knew this was the instructor who would get me to pass my test. He is wonderfully calm and reassuring, professional but also kind, and makes even complex techniques easy to understand. And sure enough, after years of believing it would never happen, I can finally drive - ALL thanks to Nick. What's more, I LOVE IT!


Nick was the third driving instructor that I had used to take driving lessons.  He was by far the best instructor.  He was nice, professional, and patient.  He gave me the confidence  not only drive on the roads but to schedule and pass the driving test.  I couldn't have passed without him and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.


I Learnt to drive via Open Road my instructor was called Nick, he was brilliant. Patient and calm and got me through my driving test in 10 two hour lessons. I can now say I've Passed and couldn't have done it without him. I highly recommend him and will tell  everyone about him. Thanks again Nick.


'I was learning with my mum for 9 months before deciding I was confident enough to consider taking my test. That is where Nick came in! 

I passed within 3 weeks of my first lesson with nick. FIRST TIME!!

He taught me not only how to drive, but he gave me valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my driving life, and some valuable life skills he chucked in there for good measure! His skills are amazing, he adapted each lesson to what I needed to learn and in a way that I would understand. I would not hesitate to recommend him!'



After years of struggling with confidence issues and other Driving Instructors, Nick helped me overcome my worries and pass my test first time! I would recommend him to anyone who is an anxious student. I am very grateful to him for his patience and confidence in me. Cannot sing his praises loud enough! 


Many thanks Nick for all your guidance and support you gave me to pass my driving test. You are a really good instructor !!


Just like to say thank you Nick for everything you taught me and I will always remember it when I am out driving on my own.


Thank you Nick for all the help you have given me. I wouldn't have passed without you.



After 11 years of failed driving tests with other Instructors Nick gave me the confidence to pass my driving test. Passing my driving test has massively improved my life.



Thank you so much Nick for last couple of months. I am so chuffed with myself for passing my driving test couldn't have done it without you.


Thank you Sooooo much …… I could not have done it without you.



Nick has been a huge help and a brilliant driving instructor, he is very enthusiastic about getting the best out of his pupils. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again for your help Nick.



I had a very experienced and intelligent driving instructor in Nick. Lots of useful information, big variety of driving areas and a nice clean comfortable car. It is a great opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. I'd recommend Nick and Open Road Driving Tuition to anyone learning to drive. 


As a mature driving student, Nick showed me great patience and I passed my driving test 1st time !  An excellent Instructor.


Learning with Nick was a great experience. From the outset he makes you feel comfortable in the car and confident in your own driving, which helped me pick things up more quickly. I feel my driving has hugely benefited as a result of learning with Nick and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


I Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for my 1st Driving lesson with you . I was quite nervous to begin with but you put me right at ease about everything and I really appreciated that. Thank you again and I look forward to learning to drive and my next lesson with you.


I just passed my driving test first time round! I started my driving lessons with Nick without any previous experience whatsoever and I have managed to pass 1st time. Nick is very experienced and calm, he has been the best Instructor I could have wished for and I will recommend him / Open Road.